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Here you will find all of the info you need to learn whether the role of Law Institute counselor is right for you.

Application deadline: March 15, 2024

Dates of Program: July 21-28, 2024

Nature of Position: To enhance the high school students experience at the Future Latino Leaders Summer Law Institute by serving as a role model and mentor, taking responsibility for their general health, safety and well being, and coaching a mock trial team.

Major Duty: Counselors will assist with the implementation of Law Institute activities. They will supervise, monitor, attend, and actively participate in all activities including classroom presentation, trips, and tours. While doing so, counselors are expected to serve as an appropriate role model for the Law Institute students in their charge.

Responsible to: Executive Director and Board of Directors of the HNBF

Specific Responsibilities:

  1. Provide 24-hour supervision of students with attention to all of the following: program, health, happiness, discipline, cleanliness, safety, routine duties, character and skill;
  2. Be concerned for the social adjustment of EACH and EVERY student;
  3. Help students plan, carry out and evaluate projects and activities, specifically classroom and mock trial activities and assignments;
  4. Promote and facilitate student participation in ALL;
  5. Assist students with having their basic needs met and any housekeeping items;
  6. Work with other counselors as a team; assist other counselors in performing various responsibilities and sharing;
  7. Assist with Law Institute programs and encourage student participation;
  8. Serve as a positive representative of the Law Institute and the HNBF while meeting with various community and government leaders;
  9. Set a good example in ALL you do at the Law Institute. Law Institute is intended to be a meaningful and fun learning experience for the students;
  10. Work with the Law Institute directors and other staff to resolve conflicts and iron out difficulties with facilities, programs, presenters, site-visits, and students. Keep staff well informed of any issues/concerns as soon as they; and
  11. Help develop, carry out and evaluate the Law Institute program ensuring the goals of the program and the integrity of the legal profession are upheld.

Counselor Rules and Regulations:

The safety of our students is of up-most importance. In order to have a safe, healthy Law Institute that is a good experience for everyone, counselors will NOT:

  1. Use objectionable, foul or obscene;
  2. Engage in or permit verbal or non-verbal put-downs of others or bully;
  3. Make threats that are unwise to carry out or administer physical punishments;
  4. Be under the influence of or in possession of any drugs, alcohol or tobacco;
  5. Use cell phones or electronic devices during the course of the site-visits and classroom time unless used solely for the purpose of Law Institute duties;
  6. Make or permit inconsiderate noise and disturbance in the dorms after lights out and before wake up time;
  7. Dress inappropriately or wear offensive clothing during the Law Institute;
  8. Invite personal friends, family, or visitors to attend any Law Institute activity or site; or
  9. Leave the site location for reasons unrelated to your specific responsibilities.


  • The applicant must be a current law student at an accredited university or recently completed a law degree (within past 8 months prior to the start of the Law Institute) or a former Law Institute Counselor;
  • The applicant must have the ability to work as a team member with other counselors, staff, and board members;
  • The applicant must have experience working with high school children in a group;
  • The applicant must have proven leadership skills in supervising the activities of the Law Instituteers;
  • The applicant must be responsible, friendly, enthusiastic, patient and willing to assist the Law Instituteers; and
  • The applicant must have the ability to walk and stand for long periods of time, i.e. 3-4 hours.

Application Requirements:

As part of the application, interested applicants need to submit the following:

  • Signed and Scanned Counselor Agreement form
  • Resume with Cover letter
    • The cover letter should include a short statement that explains your interest in applying and participating in our Future Latino Leader Summer Law Institute as a counselor
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation from a Dean, professors and / or past employer(s)

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2024 Future Latino Leaders Summer Law Institute

July 21-28, 2024 | WASHINGTON D.C.

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